Much More Than Me is Green

13 03 2010

Much More Than Me is not the first company to make the connection between adopting dogs and cats already here on this earth and being “eco-friendly,” but we feel it is an important message to share. Being “green,” has become a buzz phrase that encompasses anything from consciously shutting off the lights in one’s house, buying organic or locally grown food to finding alternative sources of energy that will not continue to deplete the planet’s resources. We feel being socially conscious, fair-minded, compassionate, accepting of others, and backing all of that up with action, also bodes well for the betterment of the planet.

With our newest shirt, we want to advocate that caring for the needs of others, giving back to our loved ones or communities, and granting a better life to animals already born into this world, but left to uncertainty, is as important to our environment as other more tangible practices of being “green.” We have made the choice to align with companies such as American Apparel and Alternative Apparel, both of whom take pride in implementing ethically sound practices on behalf of their employees, and environmentally sound use of materials and products. The safety, health and dignity of their workers is key, and the use of organic, recycled materials and low impact dyes make these companies examples of pragmatic ways to conduct eco-friendly businesses. Our new shirt does have organic and recycled materials, but our message is what drives us.

When considering bringing an animal into your home, we would like to encourage people to look to those already here in rescues and shelters; some may have known love for a time in their lives but deserve the chance to be loved again. For others, they were bred and then abandoned. Spaying and neutering animals is not only the law in places like Los Angeles, it is a simple step that could drastically curb the homeless pet population. So, if you are interested in caring more for our environment, consider adopting an animal and creating a reciprocal joy that will be sustainable.




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